Giant Hogwarts Gingerbread House Conjures Up Christmas Cheer

For a school full of wizards and witches, Hogwarts was always at its most magical during the holiday season. There’s no place we’d rather celebrate a Christmas feast than in the Great Hall, surrounded by floating lights and the sweet aroma of every cake and cookie we could ever want cooked up by tiny house elves. (#TeamSPEW) We aren’t expecting an owl to arrive this year to invite us to dinner, but we did find another tasty way to celebrate the wizarding world of Harry Potter, with this giant Hogwarts gingerbread house!

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This massive, 100% edible recreation of Hogwarts made only from gingerbread, sugar, and candy, which we learned about at KelownaNow, apparated at the Canadian bakery Duchess Bake Shop in Edmonton. They create a different castle every holiday season, and they say this one was their “most ambitious yet.” You can see them constructing the entire school, which takes up almost three tables, in this timelapse video.

As part of their celebration they even created their very own, Butter Beer-inspired coffee for customers to enjoy when they stop by to see it.

And because we’re clearly not the only members of S.P.E.W., they are also offering customers a chance to help them “DESTROY” (which we trust means “eat”) the gingerbread Hogwarts after the holidays. All you have to do is bring a pair of socks (aww) to donate to the Bissell Centre, which “provides low-income families with free temporary childcare for children 0 to 6 years.”Eating some delicious sweets, helping kids, and honoring Dobby all at the same time? That’s even better than getting invited to dine at the real Hogwarts.

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