This Giant Sloth Costume Is Both Adorable and Horrifying

Everyone loves sloths, and why wouldn’t they? Not only are they absolutely adorable, they seem to have life all figured out. Most of their existence is dedicated to hanging out in trees in beautiful climates, and when they do have to move they go as slowly as they possibly can. They’re basically Florida retirees as soon as they are born. However we now know there is a limit to how wonderful those lazy little creatures can be, because this genuinely amazing and lifelike costume shows that a human-sized sloth would also be super creepy.

This realistic, one-of-a kind (and also expensive) piece was commissioned by a customer of Karoline Hinz from Prop Shop Berlin, who says the eight-week long project was her favorite ever. It includes a padded suit underneath and a full-bodied fur suit on the outside, as well as a hand-sculpted head cast in silicone (of which every hair was hand-punched) with glass eyes, slippers with claws, and extended, working claw gloves. The claws, which look like they could rip you to shreds, are made of a “semi-rigid translucent polyurethane.”

This is a remarkable costume (that she sadly won’t be taking any more orders for anytime soon), but obviously sloths need to be small to avoid showing up in our nightmares, because at this size they seem like genuine monsters.

Or do they?

Aww. Never mind, we didn’t even think to ask if a giant sloth would give us a giant hug.

What other small animal would you love to see her make a human costume for? Don’t be slow, get into our comments section and let us know.

Featured Image: AnimalsToo

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