This Giant Jellyfish Is the Size of a Person and Looks Like an Alien

Hello and welcome to another installment of “The Ocean is ****ing Terrifying,” our infinite series where we remind you, our dear and loyal readers, about the very real nightmares that await us below the waves. Why do we like telling you about these horrible creatures swimming in our seas? We don’t. We surely don’t. What we care about is making sure that you have all of the information you need to avoid them, because good Neptune almighty they are truly monstrous, even when they are still really cool. That’s a perfect description for this enormous jellyfish that was spotted swimming off the coast of Falmouth, Cornwall in the UK. It’s the size of a person and looks like it came from an alien planet.

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Lizzie Daly, a BBC Earth wildlife presenter and biologist, came across this gigantic barrel jellyfish, which she said was the biggest she has ever seen. However, rather than swim as far away as she could before moving to the middle of a desert forever, she swam up next to it. Fortunately, the enormous creature didn’t seem to mind her getting so close. Or is that what it wanted her to think?

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Are. You. Kidding. Me?

Look at that thing! LOOKATIT!

We’re not sure if it’s less or more imposing when you get to see it in action, but it’s undeniably majestic and graceful as it slowly moves through the ocean.

If we saw one of these from a boat, or maybe in an aquarium, we would be awestricken by its size. We would marvel at the beauty of nature and the diversity of life on this planet.

But if we ran into one while swimming we’d freak out. Of course we would. The ocean is ****ing terrifying.

Featured Image: BBC News/Lizzie Daly

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