GHOSTED Trailer Turns Chris Evans Into a Dude Who Needs Saving

It’s kinda hard to look at Chris Evans and not see him as some sort of heroic figure. (Or, at the very least, an action kinda guy.) He did spend many years playing Captain America, after all. But in Apple TV+’s new film Ghosted does the opposite of what we expect to see, making Chris Evans a distressed and hella desperate dude who needs to be saved by Ana de Armas. The trailer for Ghosted sets up an action-packed story about a guy who gets, well, ghosted and should have kept it that way. 

We meet Evans’ Cole, a guy who has a one-night stand with Sadie (de Armas), a beautiful and mysterious woman. He falls in love immediately (as he should) but things come to an immediate halt when she ghosts him to go live her life (as she should). Cole decides to fly to London (as he should NOT because that’s wild and lowkey creepy) to find Sadie. It is there when things take a turn and he gets kidnapped because he has no survival skills nor good sense. Surely the Smallville intro was playing in his head while he was strapped to that chair.

chris evans tied up at the wrists and in the back of a van in ghosted trailer
Apple TV+

This desperate situation can only be turned around by Sadie, who is actually a secret agent. They get caught up in an international adventure that tests them both and they will probably fall deeply in love. Maybe she will even teach him how to fight and shoot in a training montage. That’s how this goes, right? 

The Ghosted trailer is super fun and showcases the chemistry between Chris Evans and Ana de Armas. The film will hit Apple TV+ on April 21.

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