For a franchise based on the idea that “death is but a door,” we expect Ghostbusters to be a part of our life forever. As well as our afterlife. But that won’t just mean new Ghostbusters movies. It will also mean continuing the long tradition of Ghostbusters games. And we’re getting a new one soon. The latest installment will offer something none of its predecessors ever did, though. The announcement trailer for IllFonic‘s new Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed promises you can strap on your proton pack as part of a new generation. But it also shows you’ll be able to play from the other side of the hunt. The game will let you be a havoc-causing ghost.

The original Ghostbusters are ready to move on from the job (even if they’re still involved with the franchise) in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed. Their retirement will give you the chance to pick up the mantle particle thrower and put on a jumpsuit. All while getting to use their famous Ectomobile, equipment, and firehouse. That’s if you want to bust ghosts. For the first time ever in a Ghostbusters game, you can turn the tables on the specter hunting crew. You can go to the other side—and we mean that in more ways than one—to actually be a ghost. Here’s the official synopsis from IllFonic:

As a Ghostbuster, join with other Ghostbusters to chase and trap ghosts in museums, prisons, hotels, and more, and capture the ghosts before they can fully haunt the areas.

Or, as the Ghost, hide, sneak, surprise, scare, and of course, slime Ghostbusters and civilians until the everything has gone completely spooky. Use trickery, deception, and Ectoplasm to gain the upper hand and drive the Ghostbusters out.

Four new ghostbusters standing together in a shot from Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed video game

Oh, what a dream to be the slim-er and not the slime-ee. The only downside is we don’t know when that will happen. Illfonic says the game is coming soon “to a platform near you.” And when it does, it will change Ghostbusters video games forever. This really means something, since we expect to get new ones for the rest of our lives—all of them.

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