GHOSTBUSTERS Returns to Theaters with Alternate Takes

It’s time to go back to 1984 to fight some supernatural forces. Fathom Events and Sony Pictures are celebrating Ghostbusters’ thirty-fifth anniversary with special screenings of the fantasy film. As reported by Variety, the Ghostbusters return will hit over 600 theaters on October 6 and 10 and feature a new cut of the film with introductions from several cast members. Super fans will get insider thoughts and information about on-set memories and what it was like to create a cinematic masterpiece. And, Ghostbusters will release new and rare alternate takes from some of the movie’s most iconic scenes. Now that’s a reason to watch this movie once again.

Ghostbusters will expand its franchise next year with Ghostbusters 2020. The film will hit theaters on July 10 and star Paul Rudd, The Leftovers‘ Carrie Coon, Ghostbusters OG Ernie Hudson, and Stranger Things alum Finn Wolfhard. It’s a direct sequel to the first two films in the Ghostbusters franchise but the details are pretty scarce. However, a new edition of the original flick might be enough to tide fans over as they wait for the next installment.


And never fear, this upcoming theater event isn’t the only way to get your Ghostbusters fix. The film’s website is packed with upcoming action to celebrate its anniversary, including a Halloween Horror Nights stint at Universal Studios in Orlando. The event starts in mid-September and runs through early November and will take fans through a house of horrors as they encounter Gozer the Goezerian and the infamous Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. A Ghostbusters in Concert show is also hitting the road in October and may be coming to a city near you. So, think of the anniversary film cut as the kickoff to your celebration possibilities.

Tickets are already on sale for this event, so grab a few, find your crew, bring your proton pack, and get ready to relive all the magic from the movie that started it all.

Featured Image: Columbia Pictures

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