Gewēne! These Pokémon Were Translated into Old English

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Pokemon names aren’t just unique, but manage to perfectly describe each character. One fan came up with an algorithm to translate some Pokémon Red and Blue into Old English. They look pretty neat. Check them out below.

First up is Professor Oak who is likely welcoming us into the world of Pokémon, but this time with an Old English flare.

Next, meet Old English Charmander, who has fire to light the way. After all, there was no electricity back then.

Squirtle is just as adorable in Old English, maybe even more adorable?

Bulbasaur is coming at you with 15 lbs of awesome.

Over on Imgur another fan was feeling the Old English Pokémon vibes and re-wrote the theme song with an Old English flare. It’s pretty hilarious.

Image Credit: Imgur / randomasianorphan

Thank you for taking this journey to visit our favorite Pokémon back in time. Looking to create your own Old English translations? Give this Old English translator a try. See you morgen!

What Pokémon do you want to get the Old English translation? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Pokémon / Facebook

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