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2016 is the Year of Pokémon, and it’s been almost 20 years since Pokémon Trading Cards were first published. If you were a collector like me, you may remember all of the various editions of cards that can be collected. There’s hologram, gold star, snap cards, pre-release editions, various languages–the list goes on. If you find yourself with extra cards lying around wondering what else you can possibly do to “catch ’em all”, here’s a unique option. An artist had the brilliant idea to hand-paint extended scenes onto Pokémon cards. Yes, she’s found an awesome way to make these collectible cards even cooler. Through her Facebook page, you can commission art on one of your cards, send it to her, and then have it sent back to you with your Pokémon friend painted into a brand new scene. Just think of all of the possibilities! You can get a card like this one:

Or a set like these:

You can even give your Pokémon a bestie by getting two cards combined into one scene like this:

I mean, look how adorable Leafeon and Glaceon are whilst frolicking together!

Make sure you head over to her  Tumblr to check out all of the cards painted so far and start dreaming about one of your very own!

What scene and which card do you want your Pokémon painted into? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Photo Image Credit, Photo, and Gif Credit:  Lunumbra’s Extended Art Pokémon Cards

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