Gerard Way Releases Spooky New Song, “Baby You’re A Haunted House”

Some Gerard Way fans know him as The Umbrella Academy comic book writer who used to make music, but to another generation he’ll always be the emo luminary who fronted My Chemical Romance. For them it’s downright frightening he hasn’t released an album since 2014’s Hesitant Alien, or any new songs period since 2016. That’s nothing to be scared about any more though, because he’s back with a new song perfect for the Halloween season, with “Baby You’re a Haunted House.”This extremely catchy pop song, which features Way on vocals and lead guitar, his brother Mikey on bass, Tom Rasulo on drums, and Ian Fowles also on guitar, isn’t conventionally spooky so much as purely enjoyable, but  the music video definitely gets into the holiday spirit, with the band performing as some sharply-dressed skeletons.

Way also wrote a note to his fans about what he was trying to convey with the song and how he’s excited to be making music again:
“Hey all! I wrote a song called “Baby You’re a Haunted House†about all our inner ghosts and demons and what it feels like being in love and having to deal with your own internal horror show. I tried not to really overthink it too much as I really wanted to start getting music out into the world again and sharing my art. The haunted house was built by a model maker named Damien Webb and it kind of inspired me to put the song out for Halloween, as it seemed fitting with the holiday. I hope you enjoy the song.”

We did enjoy it, and we hope Way’s return to music has the staying power of a classic horror franchise.

Featured Image: Gerard Way

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