These 9 Geeky and Nerdy Latinx Podcasts Are a Pure Delight

There are countless podcasts that cover geeky and nerdy subjects that we cannot get enough of. From Star Wars ruminations to comic deep dives, there’s something out there for pretty much anyone who loves genre. However, many of the podcasts that get a lot of shine and support often have white hosts. This isn’t shocking considering the ever-pervasive issues of fandom gatekeeping and giving certain people a platform while others have to fight for their proper recognition. But there are just as many podcasters with one or more Latinx hosts that offer some excellent critical analysis and pure fun to pop culture. So, let’s show a few of those brilliant podcasters some love and help you add to your massive list of podcast subscriptions! 

Ahch-To Radio: A Star Wars Podcast 

photo of ahch-to radio podcast logo
Alden Diaz

Creator and host Alden Diaz chats about the galaxy far, far away with this fun and wildly informative podcast. Guests like Rian Johnson, Mercedes Varnado, and more grace a few episodes to dive deep into all things in the Star Wars universe, including shows like Obi-Wan Kenobi, as well as pervasive issues within the fandom. 

Comadres y Comics 

comadres and comics logo
Comadres y Comics

As the title suggests, this podcast is all about comics! Its three Latina hosts—Sara, Jen, and Kristen—talk about the Latinx presence in the comic industry. From comic anthologies to books that might be under your radar, they dig into it all. 

¡UY QUE HORROR! A Latinx Horror Movie Podcast

uy que horror logo

Horror fans to the front! This Latinx horror podcast, hosted by Jonathan Atkinson and Aileen Clark, is all about films that are often underrated and overlooked. If you want to know more about movies with Latinx leads, this is the place for you! They are witty, delightful, and over 100 episodes into the game. 

The Arkham Sessions 

Dr. Andrea Letamendi and Brian Ward lead this unique weekly podcast. The majority of its episodes dive into characters in Batman: The Animated Series and Doom Patrol from a clinical analysis perspective. But, the podcast does branch out into other arenas like Star Wars and the MCU, too. If you want to understand the minds of your faves, look no further than this podcast. 

Very That with Delta and Raja

very that podcast logo
Forever Dog + Moguls of Media

Sometimes, we don’t always stay in our geek and nerdy lanes. And that’s okay because entertainment is a pretty wide umbrella, right? Drag queens Delta Work and Raja talk about a bit of everything, from their club days to what’s going on in the world around them. This Latinx podcast fits right in between Star Wars theories and futuristic comics. 

Latino Nerd Order 

latino nerd order podcast logo
Latino Nerd Order

This podcast dips into a bit of everything: comics, wrestling, TV shows, music and more. It’s pretty refreshing to hear so much enthusiasm and generally good vibes about the things that we love, from a Latino perspective. 

Pop Culture Junkees

Pop Culture Junkees logo
Pop Culture Junkees

Gotta love a very on-point name! Hosts Stef and Michelle get into everything from Star Wars to Netflix to what’s going down in the WWE. They are funny, knowledgeable, and all around delightful to listen to. If you like the kind of vibe that makes you feel like you’re in the convo, Pop Culture Junkees is one to put on your list. 

Hyphenated with Joanna Hausmann and Jenny Lorenzo

image of hyphenated podcast logo
Pitaya Entertainment

This dynamic duo tackles living the hyphen that connects US American and Latin culture and what that means for them as well as their guests. From odd facts episodes to Latin-led shows and more, they cover a wide range of subjects. 

Spongebob Bingepants 

podcast logo of Spongebob Squarepants close up on his eyes and yellow skin with the words spongebob bingepants written in purple letters at the bottom

Frankie Grande and Nerdist Book Club’s Hector Navarro head down to that infamous pineapple under the sea for this podcast. The duo is recapping the entire show and taking a deeper look at Bikini Bottom. They even talk to voice actors and behind-the-scenes creatives to give listeners a whole new perspective on this meme-rich universe.

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