HBO Orders GAME OF THRONES Targaryen Prequel

It seems the rumors of Game of Thrones getting multiple spin-offs is true. According to a report coming out of Deadline, it appears that HBO has given a greenlight to yet another pilot based on the worlds of George R.R. Martin. This is a different prequel than the one starring Naomi Watts; this one takes place closer in time to the events of the series that we know and love. This one is coming from George R.R. Martin and Colony co-creator/exec producer Ryan Condal, and will be set some 300 years before Game of Thrones and chronicles the start of House Targaryen’s conquering of Westeros.

So yes, this means dragons ya’ll.


It seems this new series would draw heavily from Fire & Blood, Martin’s 2018 book that told the history of House Targaryen. In fact, Martin has been hinting in the past that Fire & Blood would likely inspire one of the many Game of Thrones prequel series that were being developed by HBO. Fire & Blood begins with the saga of Aegon the Conqueror, who created the Iron Throne. It continues on to tell the story of several generations of Targaryens leading up to their civil war, known as the Dance of the Dragons. All of this is supposed to be the basis for the upcoming series.

Fire & Blood, Targaryen prequel

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It makes sense that HBO would go for this particular pitch over some of the other ones made about the world of Westeros. After all, it contains two key pieces of Game of Thrones iconography — the Iron Throne, and badass fire breathing dragons. Even the throngs of people let down by the series ending could find the pull of so many enticing elements irresistible. No word yet on the date for when this new pilot would shoot, but we imagine it’ll be a while before we see Targaryens in Dragonstone again. Let’s hope it’s all worth the wait.

Images: HBO