Make Your Own GAME OF THRONES Iron Throne Phone Charger

There are all kinds of cool, geek-themed phone chargers these days. We’ve seen some that are shaped like the Millennium Falcon, and some that are straight out of a Cronenberg horror film. But as far as we can tell, there hasn’t been an officially licensed Game of Thrones phone charger released just yet. But don’t fret, all you Ice and Fire aficionados. Someone out there has now got you covered.

Thanks to a very skilled and patient fan at the YouTube channel Nerdforge, who we’ve learned about via Geeks Are Sexy, that’s all changed. In the video above, you learn through a very thorough and detailed tutorial how to create a phone charger resembling the Iron Throne itself. And one can do it at home using some plastic cocktail swords, a charging cable, a little bit of foam, some wood, and a dash of paint. And when it’s all done, it looks remarkably like an officially licensed product.

Now I  have to admit, as cool as the final product looks, I’m a wee bit partial to how it looked before it got painted. Just multi-colored swords. It’s less of an Iron Throne and more of a “Rainbow Throne.” It’s like the fabled seat of power in a medieval kingdom resembling Candyland. But a version of Candyland where the Noble Houses of Care Bears, Rainbow Brite and various Lisa Frank characters are vying for ultimate control.

Make Your Own GAME OF THRONES Iron Throne Phone Charger_2

If, like me, you are too lazy and unskilled to actually make one of these elaborate phone chargers yourself, worry not. It appears the internet has come through for you. Enough handy and patient people have learned how to do it thanks to this tutorial, and are now selling their own Iron Throne chargers through various Etsy shops. So it’s the next best thing to doing it yourself.

Images: HBO / Nerdforge

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