Where Do the Remaining GAME OF THRONES Ships Stand?

With the Battle of Winterfell done, we’re at the halfway point of the final season of Game of Thrones. While the deaths have been few and far between, there have been a few updates to the various ‘ships of Westeros. So let’s take a look at the current state of the ‘ships!

Arya and Gendry
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Arya and Gendry had a clutch pre-battle fling in Episode 69 (nice, appropriate) and the preview for next week’s episode showed them picking up where things left off, presumably celebrating Arya’s victory. While fan reaction has been mixed to this ‘ship, I think we can all agree Arya deserves a showering of praise, affection, and f***s. #GendryGoDownOnArya2019

Although it was surprising that both of these characters actually made it through the battle, there’s still plenty of time left in this season for one or both to have an equally romantic and tragic death. We know better than to root for happy endings.

Sansa and Tyrion
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The previously married Sansa and Tyrion have shared a few moments together this season, both showing their appreciation for the other and Sansa making Tyrion question his decision making. In “The Long Night,” Sansa and Tyrion discuss them potentially coupling up again, but Sansa brings up the important point of Daenerys’ say in the matter, which Missandei interprets as disloyal. Whether or not the show pursues this pair as a romantic item, it was nice to see these characters interacting in what they thought were their final moments.

Euron and Cersei
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Westeros’ biggest bad boy is back, flirting with danger and Cersei herself in turn. This is purely a political and practical union, but damn, if it isn’t a fun one. Both of these characters are objectively evil and dark, so it’s fun to see them paired up. Euron is having the time of his life and is just really going for it, which is admirable. Cersei is resigned to the fact that she’ll need cover for potentially Jaime’s bastard, and she may as well get some kicks out of the whole thing, too. I like this ‘ship, as twisted and horrible as it is! Seeing these two characters trade barbs and be their most selves is one of the most entertaining parts of this season, and I hope we get to see more of them together.

Cersei and Jaime
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Cersei will likely not be very forgiving when she sees Jaime again. Conversely, Cersei is one of Jaime’s weaknesses – so this is a reunion with plenty on the line. Will Cersei be able to manipulate Jaime into taking her side again, or will Jaime be the one to finally kill Cersei? And will the pair hook up again, one last time? Only time will tell. Also, gross.

Jaime and Brienne
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While this pair of frenemies-turned-will-they/won’t-they also survived the Battle of Winterfell, the trajectory of their partnership is still up in the air. They’re now officially allies, but will they be more? There is nothing more romantic than fighting back-to-back, and honestly, even a kiss between the two would be satisfying.

Brienne and Tormund
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We saw Brienne and Tormund get a quick moment to catch up in “ A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms“, but they didn’t interact at all during the Battle of Winterfell. It seems Brienne has slightly warmed to Tormund’s charms, Tormund is characteristically all in, and we’ll have to see how these tall hotties act around each other while death is not on the line.

Jon and Daenerys
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Jon and Daenerys have long been the two leads of Game of Thrones. And now that Dany knows about Jon’s heritage and the they’ll have to team up to take on Cersei, it’ll be interesting to see if they’ll continue platonically or not. This show’s been down the incest road before, so we could see both of them not caring and keeping at it. Alternatively, they could become more enemies than allies if any of Jon’s relatives have their way.

Greyworm and Missandei
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Another pair of survivors of the Battle of Winterfell who are firmly in the camp of the Dragon Queen, Greyworm and Missandei haven’t gotten much action with each other in awhile. There’s still plenty of time to bring their story to a satisfying end, and for Missandei to help Greyworm through what’s sure to be some post-battle stress.

Sam and Gilly
Where Do the Remaining GAME OF THRONES Ships Stand?_9

Both still alive, both still thriving! Not much new to report on this front, but we’re hoping at least one couple makes it through the series alive.

That’s all the remaining ‘ships left in Game of Thrones. But tell us: who do you ‘ship? Are you hoping to see any new pairings? What do you hope happens for your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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