Want to Own a Real GAME OF THRONES Castle?

Within the world of Game of Thrones, Riverrun was the stronghold of the Tully family and their seat of power in the Riverlands for many years. Although the castle has been lost to the Freys, it’s still one of the iconic locations from the show. Now, part of the real castle used in the Game of Thrones TV series is up for sale, and you won’t even have to lay siege to claim it! Via Variety, a portion of the Gosford Castle in Northern Ireland has been put up for sale by Maison Real Estate. The Gosford Castle was used as a stand-in for Riverrun during the third season of Game of Thrones, before a different location was chosen for Riverrun in the sixth season. However, the connection to the show may still prove to be the most enticing aspect for some fans. Even the price is fairly reasonable, as far castles go. If you have $650,000 lying around, it could be yours.

The property is being offered as six luxury apartments, with individual names including “The Inner Bailey,” “The Round Tower,” and “The Old Keep.” The report notes that some of the residents will have access to rooftop gardens, and it also notes that there is no heating system in place to deal with the harsh winter months. Regardless, Airbnb has reportedly offered to provide a Game of Thrones style makeover for at least one of the rooms, provided that the new owners allow the company to list it on their site.

Would you be interested in living in a real Game of Thrones castle? Prepare to pay the Iron Price in the comment section below!

Images: CBC/Maison Real Estate, HBO

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