Make GAME OF THRONES’ Milk of the Poppy At Home (Exclusive)

Fiction overflows with delicious looking and sounding treats. I remember drooling over warm crusty breads in the first fantasy books I ever read. Once you pay attention to food in fiction, you’ll notice it everywhere—not only in fantasy novels. And The Feast of Fiction Kitchen cookbook will help you make your fictional food dreams come true. We even have an exclusive Game of Thrones recipe to share with you for Milk of the Poppy.

The Feast of Fiction Kitchen cookbook cover
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The Feast of Fiction Kitchen cookbook by Jimmy Wong (a.k.a. Ling in Disney’s upcoming live-action Mulan) and Ashley Adams came from their YouTube channel, Feast of Fiction. The duo has been sharing how-tos for real life versions of everything from Butterbeer in Harry Potter to ramen from Ponyo since 2011! That’s a lifetime when it comes to the internet.

Before we get to the exclusive Game of Thrones recipe, let’s all learn how to make Baby Yoda’s bone broth from The Mandalorian.

Jimmy told us, “It’s crazy to imagine, but this cookbook has been in the works since our very first video on Feast of Fiction over 9 years ago. Ashley and I put everything we had into making a cookbook that is true to our love of all things fiction, filled to the brim with simple yet elevated recipes that will be eye-openers at any occasion. We truly believe cooking should be accessible and fun for everyone, and we hope this book can share some of the joy we’ve had together in the kitchen with you, our lovely readers.”

And now, let’s make some milk of the poppy!

Milk of the poppy from Game of Thrones
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Milk of the Poppy
(Inspired by Game of Thrones)

In Game of Thrones, milk of the poppy is basically the standard cure-all of the Seven Kingdoms – the elite use it as a sleep aid, painkiller, and anxiety reducer. Oh, and if taken in excess amounts, it can poison your enemies. But, as much as we respect the Maesters of the Citadel, we think that might be a bit extreme for our needs. So we’ve concocted this whiskey-based elixir that His Grace, King Robert, would approve. We’ve added Drambuie, a botanical spirit sweetened with honey, which was known in olden times to have medicinal purposes. Sure, it’s a stretch, but at least none of your favorite characters had to die in the making of this recipe!

Prep Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Makes: 2 to 3 cocktails

1/4 cup poppy seeds
3 tablespoons honey
1 ounce Jameson Irish Whiskey
1/2 ounce Drambuie
3/4 ounce Frangelico

1. In a small saucepan, add the poppy seeds, honey, and 1 1/2 cups of water. Bring to a rolling boil. Remove from the heat and let sit for 1 hour.
2. Pour the poppy mixture into a blender, and process until smooth. Strain the mixture through a cheesecloth or fine mesh sieve and set aside.
3. In a mixing glass or small pitcher, combine the whiskey, Drambuie, and Frangelico. Add the poppy mixture and stir well. Serve in a chilled martini glass or as a chilled shot.

The Feast of Fiction Kitchen cookbook is available for pre-order now. It will be on shelves (virtual and otherwise) on April 28.

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