Play a GAME OF THRONES Modded NHL ’94

“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die,” unless you’re playing it out on the ice with a fan-modded version of NHL ’94. Then you either win or you go home for the rest of the playoffs.

The war for the very fate of mankind was fought amid a blinding storm at Winterfell, as the snow and ice that followed the White Walkers turned the battlefield into a wintry nightmare. The living might have prevailed during “The Long Night,” thanks to a last second save from Arya Stark, but you can still test your mettle to score a win against the Night King thanks to a fantastic Game of Thrones version of one of the greatest hockey video games ever made, EA Sports’ NHL ’94.

Play a GAME OF THRONES Modded NHL ’94_1

Over at the beloved game’s forums, user The Source shared his incredible modified ROM version of NHL ’94 where he replaced NHL teams with nine Great Houses of Westeros, including the Starks, Lannisters, Greyjoys, and more. Uploaded with their house sigils, colors, and with important family members on the team (including some that only appear in the books), as well as Samwell Tarly as the game’s announcer, you can choose which House to bend the knee to as you play your way through A Song of Ice and Fire-style playoff bracket. Get through the other Lords and Ladies of the Seven Kingdoms and waiting on the other side for the title of the Westeros Hockey League are the White Walkers.

Old Nerdist friend Derrick Rossignol played through it on his YouTube channel Game Game, and we’re wondering if we can talk Sega into including it on their upcoming Genesis Mini.

Give. It. To. Us.

Probably tough to win a hockey game with House Targaryen though. Sure, they have the “blood” part down, but the whole “fire” thing literally doesn’t work on ice. Needless to say House Stark would be our choice. “Winter is coming,” and that’s when hockey starts.

If you want to play in the WHL you can download the game for free here.

Images: Game Game

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