GAME OF THRONES Final Season Premiere Date and Teaser Have Arrived

The Long Night is about to end. Game of Thrones will officially return to HBO on April 14, 2019. The eighth season will consist of six feature-length episodes, which will make it the most epic, large-scale season of television maybe ever. HBO released a teaser before the third season premiere of True Detective that teases what the finale may have in store.

Though this glimpse likely doesn’t show any actual footage from season 8, it does bring back three powerful Starks: Jon ( Kit Harington), Arya ( Maisie Williams), and Sansa ( Sophie Turner). The latter two had a terse – but ultimately satisfying – reunion in season 7, but Arya and Jon haven’t seen each other since the second episode of the whole show. Though this isn’t a scenic reunion of the two, seeing the three siblings in one frame has got our emotions going full-tilt.The promo shows the three Starks in the Crypts of Winterfell, where they pass the tombs of their dead relatives. Jon walks past the grave of his dead mother, Lyanna; Sansa and Arya past their mother Catelyn; and Jon hears the words of his father (well, technically uncle) Ned Stark: “You might not have my name, but you have my blood.” The three then come together and confront three statues in their likeness, before the torches blow out and a chilly mist creeps through the crypts.Will Winterfell survive the final confrontation between good and evil? Will our three Stark heroes survive to see the Spring? Can Game of Thrones just hurry up and get here already? April 14 is so soon… and also so far away.

Image: HBO

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