GAME OF THRONES Fan Wants to Blame Hot Pie for the Dead’s Invasion

If you saw  Game of Thrones‘ season seven finale, you know that humanity is in deep trouble. The Night King and his army of the dead finally got past the Wall thanks to their new pet wight dragon. Of course, the Night King only got that dragon because Daenerys flew in with her children to rescue Jon Snow and his crew, who were only trapped beyond the Wall in the first place because they were trying to capture a wight to prove to Cersei Lannister that the White Walkers do indeed exist. But that didn’t work on her and now everything is a disaster. And you can blame  Hot Pie. At least that’s who Reddit user abdo0000 considers at fault for the White Walker invasion that ended season seven. But before you scoff at the idea (which we came across at Mashable), it does have real logic to it.

[MAIN SPOILERS] Why HotPie should be the most hated Character in GoT from gameofthrones

If Hot Pie had kept his pie hole shut, Arya would not have returned home to Winterfell, and instead would have traveled to King’s Landing to murder Cersei. With Cersei dead, there never would have been a need to capture a wight, which means Daenerys never would have had to rescue the Snow-icide Squad, and the Night King would never have ended up with a dragon. [mpx_video type=”alpha” guid=”Sy6Mi79cbVT449PGtJe3xOR0xWbudoyT”] But instead of being in the kitchen, browning the butter and working on the gravy, Hot Pie felt the need to bother the paying customers… again. And now the living might be doomed to darkness forever. Hot Pie thought he was telling Arya good news, but instead he might have ruined everything for everyone. This is one dish that tastes like irony.

What do you think? Can we blame Hot Pie for everything? Or do you find this theory tasteless? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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