Choose Hot Pie with a New GAME OF THRONES T-Shirt

When you’re a graphic designer living in a spot that gets plenty of foot traffic in New Orleans, you have a built-in audience for your work. Imgur user pl8techtonic of Noble Crow NOLA used the platform to share some Game of Thrones political banners as season seven came to and end. They handed over some dollars to Vistaprint to make the banners featuring the Night King, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, and Cersei Lannister and proudly displayed them from their balcony.

GOT Political Banners we made. 

Speaking of the Night King, I am the tiniest bit worried he’s going to conquer Westeros.

Anyway. Noble Crow NOLA received such a positive reaction to the designs that they turned them into t-shirts. They even added one of the best Thrones characters ever to their art: Hot Pie!

Whenever Hot Pie gets to open his own bakery in Westeros, which I hope happens if the Night King doesn’t destroy everything and everyone, he needs to hire Noble Crow to handle his graphics. The clean design draws the eye and would have travelers stopping their carriages and horses to come in for tasty baked goods.

You can pick up the Hot Pie shirt and the Game of Thrones political designs from Noble Crow NOLA’s website. Which one are you thinking about purchasing? Tell us in the comments.

Featured Image: HBO

Amy Ratcliffe is an Associate Editor for Nerdist. Follow her on Twitter and keep up with her Disney food adventures on Instagram.

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