How to Make Your Own GAME OF THRONES Jon Snow Cape from a Rug

Living in the chilly northern realms of Westeros in Game of Thrones means less sleeveless gowns and more complete coverage. For example, note the heavy capes worn by the members of the Night’s Watch. Pledging their lives to the brotherhood is about more than devoting a lifetime to manning the Wall; it’s essentially committing to being in a cold climate for all their days. Thank goodness they have those cloaks, and thank goodness for fans they can be replicated with a rug. No, really.

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Game of Thrones costume designer Michele Clapton made an appearance at the Getty Museum in 2016 and mentioned the Night’s Watch cloaks had humble beginnings; they started life as rugs from IKEA. She said they cut and shaved them, added leather straps, and weathered them to withstand the harsh environment of the North.

Rugs to outerwear? No problem. We worked with costume designer Lauren Oppelt to transform a different rug (the IKEA rug candidates don’t come in black) with a vampire costume cape. You don’t have to gather in frigid weather and say any vows to re-create Lauren’s design. Simply follow her instructions in the above DIY video, and you’ll be looking as regal as Jon Snow in no time.If you want additional instructions, IKEA Norway shared this guide:

We want to see pictures when you craft a Night’s Watch cape of your own. When you make it, tag us on Twitter or Instagram: @nerdist.

Images: HBO

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