GAME OF THRONES Characters Give Us Their Rendition of “Ice Ice Baby”

Many of you reading this have only lived in a world where rapper Vanilla Ice is a reality TV star and occasional actor in Adam Sandler movies. But for a very brief, shining moment back in 1990, he was the biggest musical star on the planet, thanks to his single “Ice Ice Baby,” which propelled his debut album to a staggering sixteen weeks at #1 on the Billboard top 100 and selling an enormous 11 million copies. All of this success powered by one insanely catchy (and fairly ridiculous) single, which ended up launching and ending Vanilla Ice’s career at almost the exact same time. It’s maybe the quickest rise and fall in American music history.

And yet, some 25 years later, “Ice Ice Baby” continues to persist in popular culture. The latest example is something of a no brainer, as someone thought that Vanilla Ice’s “classic” frostily titled song would go perfectly with all those pesky White Walkers and “Winter is coming” talk from Game of ThronesAnd you know what? They were right.

Via The Laughing Squid, YouTube channel  Retro Miami Nights has created a cleverly edited video of “Ice Ice Baby” being sung by characters from HBO‘s Game of Thrones. Here is the  original song, if you need to reacquaint yourself with all of its posturing and silliness, and here is the wonderful Game of Thrones mash-up above.

That video alone makes it worth Vanilla Ice ever having been a thing.

What do you think of the latest, clever Games of Thrones mash-up? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments.

Images: HBO / Universal Pictures

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