The 7 Best Brienne and Jaime Moments from GAME OF THRONES

“A Knight of The Seven Kingdoms,” the 69th episode of Game of Thrones, was undoubtedly the most romantic one yet.

From Gendry and Arya to Tormund’s continued pursuit of “The Big Woman,” everyone was trying to get some before the long dark night. But at the center (and title) of this entry was what seemed like the conclusion of one of the most satisfying and complex relationships the Seven Kingdoms has ever seen. In the warm gaze of a burning fire and the eyes of some unexpected friends, the Kingslayer himself knighted Brienne of Tarth as a Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. It was a moving moment and got us thinking of our other favorite Jaime and Brienne moments!

The Beginning on the Bridge – “Dark Wings, Dark words” S3 E2
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Writer Vanessa Taylor delivered the spark that would light the fire of season three’s most beloved friendship after the pair met a merchant on a bridge in the Riverlands. Though Jaime implored Brienne to kill him, she wouldn’t. Later, the Kingslayer managed to take one of Brienne’s swords and the two squared off. Unfortunately, a man recognized Jaime from a joust and brought the bannermen of Roose Bolton to capture both Jaime and Brienne. It’s the moment that would change both their lives forever.

Jaime Loses a Hand – “Walk of Punishment” S3 E3
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During their time captured by Locke, Jaime managed to save Brienne from rape by convincing Locke’s men that her father was a rich jewel merchant and would be able to pay them if they kept his daughter’s honor intact. It’s one of the first times that we truly get to see Jaime think of someone other than his sister and himself. Sadly for the conflicted knight, though, he tries to establish a similar price for himself. Locke finds the offer insulting and in retaliation cuts of Jaime’s sword arm, taking away the one thing he is most known for.

Brienne Goads Jaime to Live – “And Now His Watch Is Ended” S3 E4
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From here on out, Jaime and Brienne’s fates are intertwined. His one selfless act meant that the woman he saved can’t let him die. No matter how much he might want to, and after losing his fighting hand that’s all he can think of. Though they’re hardly friends, Brienne finds her own way to keep him alive, goading him into surviving with the promise of vengeance against the man who dismembered him.

The Truth About the Mad King – “Kissed by Fire,” S3 S5
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In what is likely one of the best episodes of the entire eight seasons, series writer Bryan Cogman offered up a tender moment between the pair which was also an absolutely huge reveal about Jaime’s backstory. The name “Kingslayer” haunted Jaime throughout the first two seasons and it’s become synonymous with his desperation for power and greed. Here though, after his arm has been treated by the de-chained Maester Qyburn, he’s taken to baths where Brienne happens to be. As she holds the weakened man, she calls him by his nickname and he begs her to call him Jaime before telling her the truth about why he killed Aerys Targaryen II. Despite the common belief that he stabbed the Mad King in the back so his sister’s husband could take the throne, the reality is that Aerys was going to burn down King’s Landing and all of the citizens in it. It’s a striking juxtaposition to what we’ve been told, and it forges an undeniable bond between Jaime and Brienne that continues through the next five seasons.

Brienne and the Bear – “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” – S3 E7
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After Jaime is freed and given a guard to take him back King’s Landing, Brienne is left in Harranhall in the hands of the evil Locke and his men. Brienne is resigned to her fate as long as Jaime promises to keep his oath to return the Stark girls home. Convinced that she will be ransomed and allowed home, Jaime leaves. But after realizing Locke’s true intentions, the former Kingslayer returns to find his ally in a pit. She’s made to face off against a bear with nothing but a wooden sword. It’s a brutal punishment that serves to prove just how masochistic Locke and his crew are. After attempting to bargain for her life, Jaime jumps in the pit to help her. It’s a powerful moment as the two fight the beast, and Jaime finally uses his stature and privilege to help someone other than his massively messed up family.

Oathkeeper – “Oathkeeper” S4 E4
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Though he was back in King’s Landing and once again at the bidding of his sister-lover, Jaime hadn’t forgotten the oath that he made to Catelyn Stark, via Brienne. He gave Brienne new armor, a squire, and his Valyrian steel sword. In one of the most impactful sequences in the show’s history, Brienne renames the weapon Oathkeeper. It’s an homage to the man who has turned his back on his house to protect the daughters of his enemy. Their farewell is bittersweet, and though it by no means marked the end of Jaime’s conflicted and confused journey, there is no question that Brienne was instrumental to the making of him.

Ser Brienne of Tarth – “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” S8 E2
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After a couple of fleeting moments onscreen Jaime and Brienne were finally reunited for real when the former arrives at Winterfell to “fight for the living.” He appears to truly be a changed man and after Brienne vouches for him Sansa allows him to reside within the chilly fortress. During the night before what may well be the final battle of Winterfell a strange group huddles for warmth in a stone-walled room. Tyrion, Tormund, Podrick, Davos Seaworth, look on as Jaime makes Brienne’s life long dream come true. Making her a Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is the correct thing to do on so many levels and it was a brilliant and fitting (potential) end for the relationship between the two unlikely friends.

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