GALAVANT to Save the Day With a Full Soundtrack Release (Finally)

Way back in days of old, there was a legend told about a hero known as Galavant, and that hero was the star of an ABC series that had its moment in the sun for two seasons in 2015 and 2016. The show from Dan Fogelman was a musical medieval comedy and featured music by composer Alan Menken and lyricist Glenn Slater. Galavant had wit, a tremendous cast, and memorable songs coming out of its ears. Though ABC and Hollywood Records released soundtracks for both seasons, they didn’t make every single song from the series available–much to the frustration of fans. That’s changing.

While talking with Alan Menken about his contributions to the live-action Beauty and the Beast, we learned a new, comprehensive edition of the Galavant soundtrack is in the works. The composer had just played me the Galavant theme song (complete with singing!) and said a two CD soundtrack with every song from Galavant is happening. That means we’ll finally get to play tunes like “Secret Mission” and “I Love You (As Much As Someone Like Me Can Love Anyone)” on repeat alongside our other favorites. Menken said he pushed to make the release happen and get all the music out there, to which I say, “Thank you.”We’ve reached out to Hollywood Records and Disney to ask about an exact release date.

Which songs from Galavant do you listen to on repeat? I’m all about “Lords of the Sea.” It still makes me laugh out loud. Share your picks with me in the comments.

Featured Image: ABC

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