Funko Figure Line Celebrates 50 Years of Disney’s Haunted Mansion

The home of 999 happy haunts is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year! In celebration of Disney’s Haunted Mansion, Funko is joining in on the ghoulish fun with a delightful trove of creepy collectibles.

Our favorite hitchhiking ghosts—Phineas, Ezra, and Gus—can hitch a ride on your car keys as keychains. They’ll also be able to set up shop on your desk as chrome figurines from Target.

Funko Figure Line Celebrates 50 Years of Disney’s Haunted Mansion_1

Speaking of Target, the large retailer will also be selling Haunted Mansion-themed T-shirts and mini vinyl figures. You’ll be able to add a singing bust, the Opera lady, and a cup-sipping mummy to your collection. Madame Leota and glow-in-the-dark hitchhiking ghosts will also be available to haunt your home. Ezra, with his devilish grin, will be a super-sized Funko Pop! exclusively at Target. 

Meanwhile, Funko’s other major carriers, Hot Topic and BoxLunch, will also be hosting some macabre treats. They will also have minifigures of the hitchhiking ghosts and Madame Leota available for collecting. Our favorite murderous bride gets exclusive treatment, and will only be available at the two stores. If you can’t grab them at Target, the mummy and singing bust will also be available at these stores, too. Each store will also have their own exclusive figure. Harp Guy can be found at Hot Topic, while the Groundskeeper at BoxLunch. You’ll need to “hurry back” into both stores to grab these two exclusives.

Of course, Funko will also be selling its classic Pop! Figures, too. The Opera Singer, Bride, Mummy, and Madame Leota will be available in traditional Funko form. We love that the Opera Singer is belting her heart out, and that the mummy is chilling in their coffin. Ah, so cute, yet so creepy.

Of course, with it being the ride’s 50th celebration, that also means we have to visit the Haunted Mansion, too! For those able to visit the Haunted Mansion, you’ll be able to pick up an exclusive to the parks. A glow in the dark Madame Leota figure will be available for purchase only in Disney Parks this year. Considering how cool it looks, we expect these to go fast!

We still don’t know when our ghoulish friends will be available for purchase. Maybe some friendly spirits will drop hints through a ouija board on when we can get these celebratory collectibles?

Images: Funko

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