You Can Now Read the Full SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Script

What was not so long ago the most locked-down script in Hollywood is now available for your reading pleasure. As part of Deadline’s “Read the Screenplay” series, the publication has released Spider-Man: No Way Home’s script in full.

The “Read the Screenplay” series “debuts and celebrates the scripts of films that will be factors in this year’s movie awards race.” And, just as a fair warning. These scripts do contain spoilers. So, if you don’t know that REDACTED happens in Spider-Man: No Way Home, we suggest you do not read the script.

Spider-Man No Way Home poster featuring Doctor Strange and Peter Parker - No Way Home's full script is now available online
Sony Pictures/Marvel

But if you’ve already seen the movie, once, twice, or ten times, this treat is for you. Seeing the script of a film feels like getting under its skin and into its skeleton. Before the actors breathe life into it, before the CGI explosions appear, the screenplay is the movie’s core. And, of course, once you read it, going back to see what has changed provides a whole different experience too. So for those lamenting the wait for more Peter Parker, No Way Home’s script brings him back in a new form sooner than expected.

Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers wrote Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s script. And their pen sees Peter Parker through many adventures and misadventures. Which (spoilers) also involve writing two other guest Peter Parkers. A massive undertaking.

An excerpt from Spider-Man: No Way Home's script where two Peter Parkers are discussing a third
Sony Pictures/Marvel

The full Spider-Man: No Way Home script can be found here. Don’t get fooled by its title, “Serenity Now.” That’s just a decoy title the writers cooked up because, at some point, no one was allowed to see the script at all. It really does feel like peeking behind a curtain into a forbidden room. “Serenity Now” has a lot of weight to it, even as a decoy. Because if we scroll down to the end, we find this final thought sees us out of No Way Home.

Spider-Man leaps and… Soars over the Rockefeller Christmas tree with a newfound sense of freedom. Liberated from having to juggle two lives. Peter Parker is no more, but Spider-Man lives on.

Now that is the kind of gut-punch you can only get from the written word.

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