FROZEN 2’s “Into The Unknown” Scene Is Now Available On YouTube

If Frozen’s defining song is “Let It Go,” then Frozen 2’s is certainly “Into the Unknown.” Yes, it is another Elsa original and yes, it is also a great song. In the film, Elsa bursts into song in the middle of the night after being awaken by a mysterious and quite angelic voice. It’s an extremely catchy tune about not ignoring your instincts, what it means to follow that voice into an unknown adventure, and feeling like there is more out there for you. “Into the Unknown” features the incredible voice of Idina Menzel—who is the voice of Elsa—along with AURORA. Married writing duo Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez, who penned “Let It Go” and Coco’s “Remember Me” are also responsible for “Into the Unknown.” Now, the full animated sequence from the movie can be enjoyed on YouTube.

Disney Animation’s Twitter page dropped a link of Elsa’s full-on performance for fans to enjoy over and over again. And if you haven’t seen the film, there’s no need to worry because they are virtually no spoilers in the clip outside of Elsa hearing a mysterious voice. In fact, the only other character you really see is Anna passed out in the bed beside Elsa, before she goes to wander the hallways. The isolated moment is very reminiscent of Elsa wandering in the frigid cold as she finally unleashes her freedom. It’s not surprising that her powers feel stifled and she wants to leave Arendelle to explore and discover more about herself. Elsa became Queen by birthright but honestly, she’s always been a free and powerful spirit who needs space to roam.

In the clip, Elsa wanders out of the bedroom and tries to convince herself to ignore the loud voice as she walks down the hallway. She then heads outside to be extremely loud and creates a few sparkly, snowy creations of reindeer and butterflies. Elsa ends her song standing at the tip of an ice cliff with diamond shaped cubes all around her in the dark sky. And she manages to do it all while looking pretty put together after waking up in the middle of the night.

“Into the Unknown” appears to be the first movie clip and song released on YouTube and will surely be accompanied by other favorites like “Show Yourself.” The film has only been in theaters for about two weeks but, according to Variety, Frozen 2 has already earned about $742 million dollars around the world. Basically, the love for this sister duo and their odd makeshift family is real.

If you’ve seen the film, then “Into the Unknown” is probably already playing on a constant loop in your head. You may be longing to relive that special moment, but you don’t want to go the theater once again. So, you might as well head over to Netflix and enjoy Elsa belting out her latest signature tune decked out in full makeup, a killer burgundy dress, and her own frosty light show under the Arendelle moon.

Image Credit: DisneyMusicVevo/YouTube

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