Visit The Internet Archive and Play 100s of Free Video Games

During these strange days we’re all looking for ways to distract ourselves. And luckily the internet is a prime source of much of that distraction! If you’ve run out things to stream, watch, play, or do then make sure you head over to the Internet Archive which is home to 100s of free video games that you can play right now.

The amazing non-profit archival collection of all kinds of free books, movies, music, websites, and as we recently discovered a treasure trove of old MS Dos video games that you can access and play for free via the site’s in-browser emulator. If you grew up PC gaming then you’ll likely get a massive kick out of the selection of incredibly retro games including classic weird titles like Dick Tracy, Dragon’s Lair, Tetris Gold, Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun, and even The Godfather: The Game!

Right now is the perfect time to head back into your childhood or to discover the joys of high-end gaming as it existed in the decades before Triple A games. From licensed oddities to legitimately tough brain teasers you can easily while away the hours in the Internet Archives extensive software collection. Another great reason to explore the wonderful resource is that it’s essentially a safe way to visit a museum–albeit a digital one–during the current status quo! Missed going to check out your local art gallery or natural history exhibit? Then dive into the joys of this highly curated and jam-pack collection!

Visit The Internet Archive and Play 100s of Free Video Games_1


We really hope that you enjoy this awesome resource as much as we did and that you’ll share it with anyone else in your life who’s a little bored, has a passion for vintage gaming, and loves nothing more than nostalgia tripping through the years! Yay video games!

Header Image: US Gold, Nintendo

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