FOUNDATIONS OF ROME Is Lots of City-Building Fun

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Rome wasn’t built in a day–it was built in a game night! Foundations of Rome pits two to four players in a contest of city building that’s epically easy to learn how to play. Support the game, only available through Kickstarter, to make sure you don’t miss your chance to create a sprawling cityscape worthy of a king. The glory (points) will be yours!


Designed by Emerson Matsuuchi, Foundations of Rome has been selected as a Dice Tower Essential. The massive game comes complete with 96 incredibly detailed plastic buildings that you and your fellow city builders will be placing on the huge game board. Inside the box you’ll also find the rules, colorful game boards, coins, and cards placed in covered trays for easy storage. You might think that setup for a game of this scale is complicated, but it’s surprisingly quick. Let Becca Scott show you how it’s done in this episode of How to Play.

Once your game setup is complete, it’s time to start building. Play occurs in three rounds, with each player given the opportunity to purchase a lot, build or upgrade the lots they already own, and gain coins for commercial buildings. Bigger buildings will earn you more victory points, so you want to own lots that are adjacent to place them on the board.

When the available lots for the round are all purchased, the round ends, and points are calculated based on  the amount of citizens in each building placed on the board. Bonus points for the most citizens and placement of civic buildings are also granted, and play then continues to the next round. At the end of the game, the player with the most glory points wins!

Want to see the game in action? Watch Becca Scott, Ivan Van Norman, and Laser Malena-Webber build friendships and a grand cityscape in this episode of Game the Game.

Foundations of Rome is easy to learn, easy to teach to new players, and is remarkably re-playable. No two cities will ever be the same! Back the campaign now to make sure you don’t miss your chance to make history and become an ancient architect worthy of winning all the glory.

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