Foo Fighters Are Rockin’ Grandpas in New Music Video for “Run”

The members of Foo Fighters are old, man. They’ve been together as a band for 23 years now, and in their latest video, for the song “Run,” they’re really starting to show their age.

“Run” is a brand new track, by the way, the band’s first bit of new music since their 2015 St. Cecelia EP. The song was released as a complete surprise, but what we’re not shocked to hear is that Dave Grohl directed the music video. He’s always been a pretty funny guy, and this clip is just further proof.

The video shows the geriatric band members find themselves in some sort of old folks home, wanting to rebel against both an abrasive medical staff and the sense of winding down that comes with advanced age. They figure the best way to do that is put on a loud and aggressive rock concert and stage dive from 15 feet high onto a pile of nurses.

The song itself is a winner, combining two of the things Foo Fighters have done best over their stories careers: Gorgeous melodies and intense riffing, both of which we’re sure we’ll see out in force on their new album. That as-of-yet-untitled record was being recorded as of January, and they premiered an acoustic version of a new song called “The Sky Is A Neighborhood” just a couple weeks ago.

Does this new track have you excited about the Foos’ next album? Let us know how optimistic you are in the comments below!

Featured image: Brantley Gutierrez

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