Enjoy the Serene Majesty of Flying Firsthand With Eagles

I’ve always been perplexed that so many people presented with the hypothetical of choosing any super power immediately select flight. Yeah, being able to soar like a bird sounds great, but nobody thinks Angel is cooler or more powerful than Magneto or Professor X, right? And it’s not Superman’s greatest ability. That’s why it has never made sense to me it seems to be the most popular option among would-be heroes–until now. Because these videos showing how beautiful and serene it is to soar like an eagle prove I’m the one who has been wrong all these years. Twitter user @MGHSniper shared a video from Elite Falconry that was filmed with a camera attached to the back of an eagle, and it is absolutely gorgeous. Actually that undersells it–it has a mystical quality. It takes us along a cliff, where the only sounds are the wind and the waves crashing below, and it looks less like flying and more like gentle floating.


Watching that makes us feel better about the universe, like if we could just go up a little higher we’d find the plane of existence where problems vanish completely. The rest of their videos are just as calming and awe-inspiring.

We know that eventually a bird of prey has to eat and their graceful journey becomes a vicious hunt, like the time we got a literal eagle-eyed view of one hunting a fox, but that doesn’t change how striking it is to see the world through their point-of-view when they are simply enjoying life.

And that’s why I finally understand why so many people choose flight as their top super power. There are greater things to do with the ability to fly than getting somewhere.

Where would you fly if you could soar like a bird? Tell us in the comments section below.

Image: Elite Falconry

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