POV Video of an Eagle Hunting a Fox is So Intense

When humans hunt, for the most part, it’s admittedly not that exciting. There’s a lot of covering yourself in animal urine and just waiting around. There’s not a lot of stalking prey and waiting for your moment to pounce and face off one-on-one, beast vs. beast. I’m not much of a hunter personally, so excuse me if that’s a misguided view of the subject. The point I’m trying to make is that when other animals hunt, there’s a lot more at stake, and that makes the act a lot more intense. For instance, take a gander at this amazing video (above) shot from an eagle’s point of view, which captures an adrenaline rush unlike any you’ve probably ever had ( via Complex).

First, some context. These golden eagles are wrangled by Mongolian eagle hunters known as Burkitshi, of which The New Yorker estimates there are only about 50 left. Eagles in tow, the Burkitshi scan the landscape for foxes, and when they see one, they let their eagles go in hot pursuit. This time, though, they had GoPro cameras strapped to their backs, and as you’d imagine, that made for some pretty amazing footage. There’s even one point in the video where it’s paused to highlight the snarling expression made by the eagle’s prey. Yeah, it’s wild stuff.If this stuff is gripping you, you’ll be pleased to hear that the video above is actually just a trailer for a 15-minute film that’s available on YouTube. There’s also a 12-minute behind-the-scenes clip that provides cool insight into how this production came out. Check out both of those below, and let us know what other animals you’d love to see GoPros on.

Featured image: GoPro

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