Why We Appreciate Florence Pugh’s Instagram

During this time of quarantine, celebrities — they’re just like us!  — have been finding creative ways to pass the time and entertain without being able to work. But Florence Pugh has been ahead of the game, entertaining us on Instagram with her hilarious posts and stories well before the Coronavirus became part of our daily lives.

If you haven’t been following Pugh’s social media before now, we’ll forgive you. Because much like her slow but steady rise in Hollywood thanks to roles in Fighting With My Family, Midsommar, Little Women, and the upcoming Black Widow, her Instagram has also been quietly making waves as one of the best celebrity accounts to follow. There are a number of reasons why Pugh’s Instagram deserves attention, and we’re here to inform you of them so that you can bring some delightful sunshine into your life.

Cactus Barry

Over the summer and while filming Black Widow, Pugh took us on a wild journey involving a cactus affectionately known as Barry. When Barry developed a strange looking growth, Pugh decided to poll her fans on whether or not she should attempt “surgery”, which resulted in her cutting off Barry’s growth with a kitchen knife.

Thankfully, she put the whole saga in a story highlight for us to enjoy, because if we ever needed to appreciate the joy of simple things, now is the time. Come for the singing while in the middle of getting highlights and stay for Barry finding friends…and a surprising end.

Lessons From The Kitchen

These stories are without a doubt, perhaps the best part of following Pugh on social media. When talk about Pugh documenting her cooking and baking, we’re not just talking about simple things like stew or cookies. We’re talking about things like homemade marmalade!

And things like butternut squash soup! Which is currently a story on her Instagram, should you need inspiration for a meal of your own.

In addition to being fun to watch (there are dog cameos as well as background music and random asides), Pugh actually talks us through every recipe she tries, instructing us so that we can make our own creations. Her latest adventure, spurred by the Coronavirus quarantine, involves showing us how we can make a delicious sausage and veggie dish by using whatever food we already have in our possession.

Pugh is darn good at cooking. So good that the marmalade earned her recognition from Paddington himself, prompting us all to wonder just when the heck Pugh is going to star in Paddington 3. The world needs it.

Her Biggest Fan

Maybe the biggest fan of Florence Pugh is…Florence Pugh herself. She likes to make posts that poke fun at her own films, such as this one, which references a famous line by Little Women‘s Amy March:

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And she’s got a whole story about her Halloween costume, where she reveals that she took Dani’s flower crown and shirt from the Midsommar set. Before getting back into the iconic costume, she even steams the shirt for good measure. You don’t get more extra (or better) than that.

Dancing Queen

To combat sadness or feelings of depression, Pugh gives us some advice from her own dad — dance! And lucky for us, there’s a whole story dedicated to Pugh’s epic dance moves. She even offers us a song suggestion to get our groove on with. Also? The highlight title is “Get Jiggy!” Meredith Grey once told us to “dance it out” in times of stress or trouble and Pugh takes that to the next level with her own goofy dancing — a bright spot in any day.

Instagram vs Real Life

We all know life in Hollywood looks a little brighter on social media than it does in real life. After all, that’s where we see the best of the people we’re fans of — wearing expensive gowns, perfect makeup, and attending fancy events. While Pugh does post about the glamour of being a rising star, her posts are down-to-earth and genuine, whether she’s enjoying downtime at an awards show or simply letting us know she’s been nominated for an Oscar.

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She can even make a professional photo feel like it’s a personal moment by letting us feel her own personal joy.

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The world can be a little overwhelming right now. But thanks to Florence Pugh’s Instagram account, we have a way to combat those overwhelming feelings.

And if you haven’t followed her yet…what are you waiting for?

Featured Image: Florence Pugh/Instagram

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