Samuel L. Jackson Wants You to “Stay the F*** at Home”

Let’s face it: thanks to the Coronavirus, the world is a little depressing right now. And despite our best efforts to stay distracted, it doesn’t feel like there’s much hope among the constant onslaught of updates. But the good news is that we’re all in this together. Literally. And it’s not just us regular people who are self-quarantined and who are trying to play by the rules.

Several years ago, the great actor and orator Samuel L. Jackson narrated a children’s book called Go the F*** to Sleep. Truly no one in the world could have given that particular missive the oomph it needed. But in the age of “Shelter in Place,” “Safer at Home,” or whatever quarantine you’re observing, there’s another message people need to follow.

As such, Jackson appeared via video call on Jimmy Kimmel Live to read a new not-quite-for-children children’s book. This book, Stay the F*** at Home, really gets to the heart of the matter. (Here’s the whole interview; reading starts at around the 6 minute mark.)

When we came up with the list of fictional characters who would most enjoy being in quarantine, Larry David essentially made it three times. We can’t think of anyone who would be happier to avoid going out and not seeing people than the star of Curb Your Enthusiasm and the man George Constanza was based on. And we were right. In a new PSA from the California governor’s office, Larry David praises the virtues of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s an important message for all the “idiots” out there who don’t appreciate the chance to stay on the couch and watch TV.

Only Larry David could call the coronavirus a “once in a lifetime opportunity” and not have it sound that insane. But he’s right. “There’s just trouble out there, so stay home and don’t see anyone.” And if you need some advice on how to do that, Larry David’s TV shows are perfect. His characters never want to be around people.

Across Hollywood, everyone from Gal Gadot to Lady Gaga is doing their best to comply with the new mandates, and most importantly, do their part to “flatten the curve.” They’re reminding us that: Hey! It’s cool to stay at home! Just listen to Wonder Woman herself. She’s generally right.

If you stay in, you can also join Jennifer Garner and new-to-Instagram Amy Adams in their new initiative, Save with Stories. Designed to support children who might not have access to food, books, and computers while out of school due to the Coronavirus, Garner and Adams are heading up a movement where famous faces read children’s books out loud.

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Besides, you wouldn’t want to be responsible for endangering the likes of some of the most famous and purest actors of our generation, like Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, and Dick Van Dyke. Max Brooks, Mel Brooks’ son, filmed this video to remind us of how even if you’re not at risk, the Coronavirus can affect older people you care about.

Danny DeVito is at risk too! He cares about social distancing, so we should listen to him.

If Alan Tudyk isn’t letting the Coronavirus get to him, why should we? Tudyk celebrated his birthday quietly yesterday, with his wife sharing a sweet birthday message announcing they were planning to stay in and celebrate with some home cooking.

Sometimes, you just gotta be honest: it’s not easy. Lady Gaga admitted it’s hard to comply with all the new rules regarding social distancing. But if the famous singer can do the right thing, so can we.

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Need some pure inspiration about why you should stay safe? Listen to the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and watch him feed donkeys. Seriously, it’s comforting and enlightening.

Not every celebrity is just reminding you to stay inside. Some, like Sebastian Stan, are reminding you to take extra precaution and wash your hands. If the Winter Soldier singing “Happy Birthday” doesn’t convince you to stay clean, I don’t know what will.

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And if all else fails, listen to Eleanor Shellstrop. She has run The Good Place. We definitely believe in her. And we could all use some positivity.

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Not to be outdone, Ryan Reynolds did his best to lift spirits and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with an Instastory that both pokes fun at his Green Lantern role and celebrates St. Patrick’s Day. Grab a pint and rhyme along with him!

ryan reynolds as green lantern

Reynolds did follow up his tongue-in-cheek message with something a little more genuine — after all, if we can’t count on celebrities to get us through this, who can we count on?

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We could all use a message of positivity — and Matthew McConaughey has that for us:

Featured Image: Max Brooks/Twitter

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