FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS HBO Special Getting an Album Release

One of 2018’s highlights was getting to attend our first official band meeting in years, because  Flight of the Conchords made their long-awaited return to HBO with their fantastic new special Live in London. It had everything we’d want from Bret and Jemaine: fantastic musicianship, a wide range of song styles with hilarious premises, and plenty of banter. The only thing we were missing was a chance to bring their new songs with us anywhere we wanted–until now, because their live special is getting an official album release.

In news we first came across at Consequence of Sound, Sub Pop Records  announced that Flight of the Conchords’ Live in London will hit stores and digital release on March 8. The album will feature 22 tracks from their show at London’s Eventim Apollo theater, including versions of two of the band’s best songs ever, “Carol Brown” and “Most Beautiful Girl in the Room,” that were both cut from the live special. The album will have seven all new songs performed during the show, including the duo’s punk track about a messy office affair, “Iain and Deanna.” Sub Pop released a video for the song to go with the announcement. Watch:

This is the second single from the album. Previously they released their not-as-sweet-as-it-sounds duet “Father and Son,” which was not entirely new even if most fans had not heard it before the special. You can see the full tracklist below.

The album will available: digitally ($14), cassette ($10), 2-CD set ($14), and 3-LP vinyl ($27). A special Loser Edition of the LP, featuring clear with blue and yellow colored vinyl, will be available while supplies last. You can pre-order your preferred copy now through Sub Pop.

While we certainly don’t hope we have to wait another ten years for the next band meeting, at least having a copy of this one will help make it feel like Flight of the Conchords are still present.

Featured Image: HBO

  1. Father and Son (Live in London)
  2. Band Reunion (Live in London)
  3. Iain and Deanna (Live in London)
  4. Inner City Pressure (Live in London)
  5. New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (Live in London)
  6. Summer of 1353 (Live in London)
  7. Complimentary Muffin (Live in London)
  8. Stana (Live in London)
  9. Stuck in a Lift (Live in London)
  10. Foux du Fafa (Live in London)
  11. Seagull (Live in London)
  12. Mutha’uckas – Hurt Feelings (Live in London)
  13. One More Anecdote (Live in London)
  14. Back on the Road (Live in London)
  15. Thank You London (Live in London)
  16. Bowie (Live in London)
  17. Bus Driver (Live in London)
  18. Tuning (Live in London)
  19. Robots (Live in London)
  20. Shady Rachel (Live in London)
  21. Carol Brown (Live in London)
  22. The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)

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