Flight Attendant’s TikTok Reveals Germiest Spots on Planes

“Ignorance is bliss” doesn’t quite hold up under certain circumstances. There are some things you probably don’t want to know. Who wants to learn the customer after them bought a million dollar scratch ticket after you purchased five losing ones? But in other instances, let’s say for example like during a global pandemic, you need to hear some hard truths. And you need to hear them no matter how disgusting and awful they are, since they could keep you safe. That’s why this video from a flight attendant explaining some of the most germ-infested parts of an airplane is so important.

Even though it’s really freaking gross and you’ll wish you didn’t see it.

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Flight attendant Kat Kamalani has shared an illuminating, yet stomach-churning, TikTok video (which we first came across at DesignTAXI). It highlights the “nastiest parts” a flyer will encounter on an airplane. Don’t worry, that only covers everything and anything you might use or touch. That includes the backseat pocket.

Kamalani says that despite it being used all the time, including for holding trash, it never gets sanitized. The area that holds actual barf bags is apparently an unclean incubator of germs. As are the safety cards it holds. Sure, knowing your seat can be used as a floatation device is important. But maybe those illustrations should also show someone using Lysol to clean the card they’re holding.

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And that’s not even the worst part, because at least you don’t eat off of the backseat pocket . That’s what the washed tray is for. Apparently some people use it as a changing table for their children, so no thanks on the free snack. Or ever being able to sleep on a plane again.

There are lots of other knobs, handles, and doors, both near your seat and in the bathroom, you shouldn’t be touching either. But the specifics aren’t as important as the fact that after seeing this we’re not sure we’ll ever touch anything on an airplane again without cleaning it with disinfectant first.

Because while ignorance is not always bliss, knowledge can be really freaking gross.

Featured Image: Netflix

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