Five PlayStation VR Games That Could Change the Way You Game

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Some people aren’t entirely sold on the idea of virtual reality just yet, but Sony is certainly making a play for the format with its PlayStation VR. The company’s headset recently got a huge amount of attention at its PlayStation Experience event between the playable demos and announced games from the likes of Ubisoft, Bandai Namco, and others.

So what five titles appear to be the most game-changing for the VR headset? Well, there are a number of experiences that are likely to shake some folks up, but these in particular have us excited for what the accessory has to offer.

Eagle Flight


Ubisoft’s debut effort for the PlayStation VR looks like a stunning achievement in visual design, where you guide a winged eagle through the virtual world of Paris, swooping through tunnels and buildings in inspiring 3D vision. It might be a little too stimulating considering its speed, and who knows what kind of reaction you’ll have if you accidentally run into a building (*clunk*). Regardless, Eagle Flight has lots of potential, and judging from the video above, we’ve only seen the beginning of how high this eagle will fly.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

This year’s release of Until Dawn for PlayStation 4 certainly left a lot of gamers stirred, based on its survival horror roots and its abundance of virtual scares. However, the developers at Supermassive Games think that you haven’t seen anything yet, as a spin-off for the series is in the works for PlayStation VR. Rush of Blood takes place in an entirely different locale, but the general goal remains the same. With the terrifying settings that lie within and plenty of startling imagery, you can bet that the next installment of Until Dawn will make the most out of the virtual reality experience.

Rez Infinite

Years ago, producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi brought a groovy experience to the video game world with Rez, a transcending rhythm-based shooter with exciting visuals and a tour-de-force soundtrack. Now, that classic experience will live on, not only on the PlayStation 4 console, but also through PlayStation VR, where players will be able to interact with Mizuguchi’s world in a whole new way. Featuring a completely involving experience that will have you feeling every beat that comes through the game, Rez Infinite is looking like a must-have for everyone that picks up the headset. Groove on, players.


Remember the 80’s arcade classic Battlezone? It practically gave birth to the first-person shooting genre as we know it, as you guided a tank through virtual territory, destroying enemies and using cover to avoid incoming shots. Well, good news, it’s back, and this time it’s making use of virtual reality technology. In Rebellion’s inspired remake of the arcade classic, you’re once again confronting enemies on a virtual battlefield, but this time with more firepower, more variety, and a bevy of power-ups set to give you the edge over your competition. It’s a far cry from 80’s simplicity, but still visceral enough to get excited for on PlayStation VR.

100 Foot Robot Golf

Golf games are usually boring and by the numbers… but not No Goblin’s golf game. In this combination of sport and action, players will guide robot golfers across a variety of landscapes, destroying whatever gets in their path as they race to get a birdie or better on each hole. Packed with wacky visuals, over-the-top Pacific Rim-style action, and multiplayer potential galore (both through PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR), 100 Foot Robot Golf looks to be a nice change of pace for the genre.

Looking forward to the PlayStation VR? Let us know which games you want to play most in the comments!

Cover Image Source: PlayStation Blog

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