FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’s Trailer Delivers Night Shift Nightmares

Working the night shift is a dream job for many people. Most places, like a front desk gig at a hotel or a 24-hour retail store, are pretty chill. You can collect your money in peace and maybe even catch up on a few shows in the process. But, if it involves working in a creepy abandoned hangout for kids, you should probably think twice. Yes, even if you are hella broke. Five Nights at Freddy’s trailer shows us exactly why we should not be like Mike and take a suspicious job. 

In the clip, Mike begins a new gig as the security guard for Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, a place long shut down after its heyday in the ‘80s. Any person with a shred of curiosity and common sense would wonder what he would be guarding if the place is in disrepair. Well, Mike soon finds out when he shows up to his shift with his daughter Abby in tow.

A police officer shows up and asks if he has met them yet. The “them” in question is a gang of creepy animatronic animals who want to make Abby one of them. It turns out ghost kids who disappeared in the restaurant years prior possess those animals. Fantastic. Mike wants to know how to stop them and there isn’t a clear answer to his question. It’s gonna be a long five nights at Freddy’s weird pizza joint. 

a man in a chair is resisting an animatronic animal face being put over top of his in five nights at freddy's trailer
Universal Pictures

The Five Nights at Freddy’s trailer gives us a peek into the horrors we can expect when the film hits theaters and Peacock on October 27. When the night shift starts, the nightmare begins.

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