Fisher-Price Toy Phone Now Has a Working Bluetooth Version

For a lot of us modern-day adults, recreating our childhoods is a pretty common thing nowadays. But this latest announcement takes the cake. Via Boing Boing, we’ve learned that the classic Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone, which many of us owned as preschoolers, is now available as an actual working Bluetooth telephone. What’s next, your baby rattle, but as a microphone? In the video announcement below, Fisher-Price’s tagline for this item is “your first mobile phone is now your new mobile phone.” Ok, we have to give kudos to whoever came up with that one.

Fisher-Price describes their new Chatter Telephone as “a phone smart enough not to come with any apps.” It features an intuitive bulky face design (literally, it has a face) with a ‘super-advanced rotary dial. Thus, connecting to your mobile device via Bluetooth. Basically, you can make and receive actual calls through your existing phone plan. This working Chatter Telephone is mobile in the classic sense. Meaning, it has actual wheels. Plus, it has “grown-up functionality” like a speakerphone, and the ability to dial out. That one is kind of essential, one would think.

The classic Fischer Price Chattering Phone, only with Bluetooth.
Fisher Price

This is a Best Buy exclusive, which at the moment has sold out. But if they do release new ones, which seems like a sure bet, it will only set you back a mere $60.00. The Chatter Telephone’s colors, numbers, and “ wobbly eyes that will turn heads” are all vintage. But the 21st-century tech is all still there. That includes a USB charging cord, a charge time of four hours, a talk time of nine hours, and a fifteen-foot range. If these become popular, we foresee a horror movie one day about one of these Chatter Telephones. Imagine one comes to life with evil intent. Think Chucky, but on wheels. It’s inevitable with that creepy, smiling face, right?

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