An Explanation of the Fish Tubes

Here’s something both Newton and Aquaman can appreciate: It’s the Salmon Cannon, a.k.a. the “fish tube,” and even though it has a practical—dare we say, noble—use, the internet’s reaction to it has basically been “when’s my turn?” To which we say, Six Flags, please get on this.

The undulating, elongated salmon straw seen in the clip above is the creation of Whoosh Innovations, which says that the contraption is basically the best way to get salmon past obstacles like dams as they migrate upriver to procreate. And while this may seem like a ridiculous way to move salmon, Whoosh makes the claim that it actually improves economical use of shared water resources as well as fish welfare. How’s that, exactly? ‘Cause as of right now, salmon are oftentimes moved past obstacles using trucks or even helicopters. And we can only imagine how frightening being lifted up into the sky by giant, mechanical birds must be for fish.


But the big news here isn’t the fact that salmon are being transported through long, pressurized tubes that suck them in from one end and thoomp thoomp thoomp them out the other — that’s the sound it probably makes — it’s rather the reaction the internet has had to the tube. Rather than shock, there’s been a lot more awe. And a lot of folks desperately wanting a ride through the tube. Really, check out these reactions:

Aside from the intense urge people apparently have to ride the fish tube, it seems like this is an innovation that’s probably an improvement when it comes to protecting the environment. The video below from Whoosh talks about it’s applications, although sound is probably optional. We know you’ll just be thinking about riding the tube the whole time you’re watching anyway.

What do you think about this Salmon Cannon? Are you desperate to go for a ride up and down this thing or are you good with leaving the undulating tube ride to the fish? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image: EarthFixMedia 

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