First WONDER WOMAN Reactions Are Pretty Darn Positive

As excited as we may be for  Wonder Woman, it’s been a bit tough to be all-out optimistic for the picture. Even those of us who enjoyed the contentiously received  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or Suicide Squad have to recognize Warner Bros’ somewhat shaky hold on its DC Comics universe, evidence of which rears itself behind the scene of almost every picture in the works. For instance, the trapped-in-oblivion The Flash movie, and the giant question mark that is Ben Affleck’s standalone Batman film, and his future in the franchise altogether. And it’s not as though Wonder Woman, which passed hands from director Michelle MacLaren to, eventually, Patty Jenkins, hasn’t had its own share of red flags.

But to all those who’ve held out hope thus far, it seems as though your optimism is being rewarded. While the American public will have to wait until June 2nd to see Wonder Woman hit theaters, the film has screened to its first batch of film critics. And even when wrangled by the Lasso of Truth, they had mostly positive things to say. Take a look at some early viewers’ responses, which hit Twitter in droves just last night:

A lot of writers homed in on the starring players when sharing their feelings on the film…

And some made intriguing comparisons to other comic book movies, one in particular:

Even many of those critics who weren’t entirely over the moon for the picture walked away celebrating some of its elements:

And top off the lot, a few words from our own Managing Editor Alicia Lutes:

…in other words, looks like we’ve got plenty of reason to be hopeful for this next outing. Share with us your expectations and hopes for Wonder Woman!

Featured Image: Warner Bros

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