First 3D-Printed Home for Sale in US Comes with a Lower Cost

Saturday Night Live‘s sketch about people checking out Zillow like its an X-rated subscription site really hit home for a lot of people. Specifically people who wish they could afford to buy a home. But imagine how much time you’d spend on the site if all prices were slashed in half.  Because that could soon happen. A new type of affordable home just hit the market. It could be the path forward to lower the cost of houses forever. This fully furnished home was entirely 3D-printed.

A typical looking house that yis actually 3D-printed, with a green lawnSD4D Inc./Zillow

SQ4D Inc. says it has put the first-ever fully 3D-printed home up for sale in the United States. (Which we first learned about at CNN.) Located at 34 Millbrook Lane in Riverhead, New York, you would never know from looking at it that this was anything but a typical new residence. It has all of the amenities of one and plenty of space. But it’s official listing at Zillow explains what makes it so special

“Own a piece of history! This is the world’s first 3D printed home for sale. Built by SQ4D Inc. using their patent-pending ARCS Technology, this home offers 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1400 sqft, with a 2.5 car detached garage. Architecturally designed by nationally renowned engineering firm H2M, this home is carefully developed to exceed all energy efficiency codes and lower energy costs. SQ4D provides a stronger build than traditional concrete structures while utilizing a more sustainable building process. The future begins with this historic property! To learn more about this process, check out SQ4D.”

A living room and kitchen area in a new, 3D-printed room with white walls and blue cabinetsSD4D Inc./Zillow

The company’s ARCS technology robotically builds the home’s footings, foundations, interior, and exterior walls. Proprietary hardware and software “enables the construction site to be safer while creating eco-friendly concrete homes.” The concrete also makes the house sturdier. SQ4D Inc. says their home “will deliver strength and durability that conventional wood-frame construction cannot match.”

And just as important for so many wanna-be homeowners, it can all be done “at a fraction of the cost” of traditional wood-frame constructed homes. It’s listing price of $299,999 is half of an equivalent home in that market. It’s why the company thinks they are offering a path forward for all homes. And it’s a nice future to consider.

Think how sexy Zillow would be if everything was half off.

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