3D-Printed Luxury Tiny Homes Cost $1 Million

A Nevada-based company, haus.me, is trying to make mass-produced, 3D-printed, smart tiny homes a thing. And while this is good news for some, the company’s tiny homes are unfortunately as expensive as they are beautiful. Haus.me’s top-tier model, for example, costs a cool $1 million.

Luxury tiny home


These majorly expensive tiny homes, which we saw at Mashable, won’t be delivered until July 2021, but you can peruse them online. And while they cost a pretty penny (read: 100,000,000 pretty pennies), they still give a sense of what’s to come in the field of 3D-printed domiciles. By the looks of it, we should expect Apple or Tesla to delve into this sector any day now.

Tiny home interior


Haus.me’s smart tiny homes come in three different variants, including the mOne, mTwo, and mFour. The mOne, the company’s least expensive model, is 400 square feet, while the mFour, the flagship model, is four times that size. For reference, the size of the average home built in the U.S. in 2015 was about 2,687 square feet. The average price of a house in the U.S.? $230,000, according to Zillow.

Regardless of the model, all of haus.me’s units seem to be comfortable, airy, and exceptionally well polished. In the above video, haus.me’s CEO, Max Gerbut, shows off the exquisite interior of one of the smart tiny homes. The glossy cabinetry, the recessed mood lighting, and floor-to-ceiling glass walls all shout whisper calmly: I’m expensive.

Some of the key features of the luxury, high-tech houses include: smart lighting, automatic shades, a smart thermostat, solar panels, and even a large, hidden projector screen. The tiny homes’ main selling points, however, is their ability to operate with complete autonomy. Any one of haus.me’s units can power, heat, and cool itself all without needing to connect to the grid.

Haus.me's smart tiny homes are gorgeous, but very expensive.


On top of being fully autonomous, haus.me constructs their homes with net-zero carbon emissions. The tiny, well-insulated homes are extremely easy to heat, and they generate their own power with their solar panels. This means houses’ lack of emissions over time more than pays for whatever was spent to build them.

While the mFour can only be purchased, you can rent the smaller versions of haus.me’s tiny smart homes. According to the company’s site, people can rent the mOne for $1,163/month, and the mTwo, which is 800 square feet, for $2,210/month. It’s not yet clear where an owner of one of these tiny homes is supposed to park it.

Featured Image: haus.me

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