Fireball’s Fancy Dragnum Bottle Will Spice Up Sophisticated Holiday Parties

Was it really a party if you didn’t do a shot of Fireball at some point? According to my friends no, not even a little bit. Like many others, that spicy liquor has long been a mainstay at our summer barbecues, birthday gatherings, and nights of general debauchery. But soon we’ll be able to make it a part of elegant galas and high-society soirees. That iconic cinnamon whisky is getting a fancy packaging upgrade in time for the holiday season. Fireball Dragnum is the same adult beverage you know and love, only it comes in an ornate champagne-inspired bottle.

Fireball Drganum bottle next to two champagne glasses with a silver tray

The new Fireball Dragnum is the company’s sleek Trojan Horse for getting that cinnamon beverage into any classy event. It comes in a sophisticated glass bottle designed so it won’t look out of place sitting next to high-end spirits. It has a cork-inspired topper, classic wire cage, fancy logo, and crinkled foil wrap. But don’t expect to taste bubbles or some high-falutin flavor combo. When you open it up you’ll find the same Fireball taste you know oh so well from swigging it at 2AM with both friends and strangers alike.

The company also designed the bottle to make it a great gift and so you can spice also up holiday events that might otherwise frown on you arriving with everyone’s favorite shot. “We know Fireball turns any boring experience into a memorable one and we had a hypothesis that, if given the choice, fans would reach for a magnum of Fireball – a Dragnum, if you will – over a magnum of the same old, same old to ignite holiday festivities,” said Global Brand Director Danny Suich in a press release. “But we also wanted to up the fancy factor a bit to help make the season feel extra special. Because an epic celebration deserves something spicier than usual.”

A white-gloved waiter in a black tux pours a bottle of Fireball Dragnum into two champage flutes

Fireball Dragnum ($24.99) will come in 1.75 liter bottles and starts arriving in storing this month. Which means my friends will definitely have it ready to go for their next party. I just hope we can figure out how to open it when someone says it’s Fireball time.

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