New FINAL FANTASY X Album Features 100 Gorgeous Arrangements (Exclusive)

Final Fantasy X is an iconic game (check out the many re-releases if you don’t believe us) for many reasons, and part of the title’s staying power has to be its fantastic soundtrack. Composed by Nobuo Uematsu, Masashi Hamauzu and Junya Nakano., the game’s score took players through a variety of environments and emotional cues in a way that helped Final Fantasy X achieve its legendary status.

To honor this iconic music, Materia Collective has created SPIRA: Music From Final Fantasy X, an expansive, 100-track tribute to the game that features the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn vocalist Julie Elven, composer Dale North, Pokémon Reorchestrated arranger Braxton Burks, the Triforce Quartet, and others. All of this music is spread out across two releases, Besaid Mix and Zanarkand Mix, which are set to drop on August 18. Ahead of that, though, we have an exclusive video that previews some of what’s to come.Project organizers Joe Chen and Emily McMillan said of SPIRA:

The Final Fantasy X soundtrack already contains a lot of variations on a few common themes. We wanted to create a listening experience where it didn’t feel like you’re listening to ‘Hymn of the Fayth’ 20 times in a row, so all of our artists aimed to do something new on their track. For example, some artists arranged in an unfamiliar style, while others incorporated unique instrumentation. As a result, both SPIRA albums re-frame the classic themes from Final Fantasy X with a fresh perspective.

They aren’t kidding, as across 100 tracks, you’ll hear music in the styles of “orchestral, electronic, and rock along with Bollywood, disco, gypsy punk, folk and irreverent chocobo choir.” Check out the teaser above, and learn more about the releases on their Bandcamp pages, here for Besaid Mix and here for Zanarkand Mix.

After that, check out a Doctor Strange figurine in the style of Final Fantasy and a meteorite sword that should totally be canon.

Images: Square Enix

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