Video Game Tattoo Sleeve with FINAL FANTASY, MASS EFFECT, and More

If you have a passion for any given video game, you might devote hours or maybe even weeks of your life to it. You can make your bond to a franchise even stronger and permanent with a tattoo. Conor’s doing just that with his video game sleeve. He’s chosen imagery from games that have had an impact on his life. His first video game tattoo was inspired by Space Invaders, because that’s the first game he remembers playing as a kid. He’s added to his inked art since then with designs from Final Fantasy, Pokémon, and more.

Conor and his tattooist, Alicia Thomas of Boston Tattoo Company, started working on the sleeve in 2015. She’s inked everything except the Space Invaders design. Conor loves her style and color work, and she’s helped him bring the games he loves to his skin. He told Nerdist, “Each one is a representation of how a game has effected me one way or the other. Video games are a big part of my life, besides it being a hobby it’s helped me through different periods of my life and has even brought me together with my closest friends.”

Normandy vs a Reaper (Mass Effect)

He plans to get his entire arm filled with more tattoos in the future to complete the sleeve. Keep scrolling to see more of Conor’s video game ink.

If you have nerdy ink on your skin or you’re a tattoo artist that applies pop culture, STEM, music, or other nerd-inspired ink on a regular basis, then please hit me up because I’d like to highlight you in a future Inked Wednesday gallery. You can get in touch with me via email at [email protected]. Send me photos of the tattoos you’d like me to feature (the higher resolution, the better) and don’t forget to let me know the name of your tattoo artist if you have it, as well the name of the shop he or she works out of. If you are the tattoo artist, give me links to your portfolios and/or Instagram accounts so I can share them with our readers.

Images: Conor

Chocobo and Mog | Final Fantasy

Social Link tarot card back | Persona

Umbreon | Pokémon

Geno | Super Mario RPG

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