Cloud’s Massive FINAL FANTASY Buster Sword Carved in a Tiny Pencil Tip

Final Fantasy‘s Cloud Strife, legendary mercenary and former member of an elite private military group called SOLDIER, wields a gigantic sword. The Buster Sword goes with Cloud like chocolate goes with peanut butter. And Twitter artist Shiroi turned the huge weapon into a teeny tiny carving (via Kotaku). Like, onto a graphite pencil tip tiny! With Final Fantasy VII Remake recently making its way into world, there seems to be no better time to recreate Cloud’s Buster Sword than now.

For those unfamiliar with the Final Fantasy world, the Buster Sword serves as an iconic image for Cloud and Final Fantasy VII. Cloud wields the massive weapon in most of his appearances in the game. While the Buster Sword measures somewhere between five and six feet in length, Shiroi carved the details into the tip of a pencil. Talk about a steady hand.

Shiroi took painstaking lengths to get the shape and details of the important sword just right in his carving. The artist has made many incredible works of art using this medium. You can see a few below.


Here he used a yellow graphite pencil to create a tiny lightning bolt. I realize it’s just a lightning bolt, but it has Harry Potter and The Flash vibes.

The ability to create texture on such a small surface is pretty remarkable.

Adding colors to his work, he creates another nerdy accessory: the Pokéball!

Be sure to follow Shiroi on Twitter to keep up with more of his work.

With the original Final Fantasy VII being released in 1997, Final Fantasy VII Remake is a welcome addition to fans of the franchise. Recently released on April 10, 2020, the game is already being applauded by many users. Though it’s impossible to say whether Shiroi will find any more graphite inspiration in Remake.

Featured Image: Square Enix

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