Ferrofluid Lava Lamp Looks Like a Captured Venom Symbiote

Ferrofluid may not be a weird, amorphous creature that bonds with its host like the black glorp that eventually turns Eddie Brock into Venom, but it still looks enough like the otherworldly stuff that it would probably make Spider-Man’s senses tingle at around maybe an 8 or 8.5. And when the strange, mesmerizing magnetic fluid is inside of a lava lamp and being moved around by neodymium magnets, it may as well be plotting its escape and next victim.

We’ve seen ferrofluid put on some stunning shows previously, when it was used for a clock, or even as a reflecting pool, but YouTuber CrazyRussianHacker — who has brought us some entrancing ferrofluid displays of his own previously — makes the goop goop dance like it’s 1966 and Peter Parker just fell in love with that other, far danker, Mary Jane.

That hypnotic dance of shapeshifting ferrofluid is due to a confluence of physical events, which are described well in  Michael Flynn’s video on the bizarre liquid. Essentially, that black goo is made of oil mixed with iron oxide particles. When the CrazyRussianHacker places a magnet near the ferrofluid, the iron oxide particles are drawn out of the oil. The reason they aren’t pulled out completely is because there is a surfactant, which forms a chemical bond holding the particles and oil together.

But what’s holding you together if this stuff ever gets on your skin, and something like this happens?! 

OK, it wouldn’t be that bad at all. Although you definitely still shouldn’t touch ferrofluid.

What do you think about this ferrofluid lava lamp? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: YouTube / CrazyRussianHacker

GIF: Marvel Studios / Columbia Pictures

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