FEAR THE WALKING DEAD’s Morgan Jones Leaves the Show and Heads Back to Alexandria

Morgan Jones is heading back to Alexandria! The character has been a mainstay in The Walking Dead’s live-action universe since the flagship show’s very first episode. Morgan became Rick Grimes’ first apocalypse-era friend and gave him a crash course on how to kill walkers. After years on that series, he made his way over to Fear the Walking Dead after literally running away from all the chaos of Alexandria and surrounding communities. Now, after several seasons on Fear the Walking Dead, Morgan and his daughter Mo left during the midseason finale to go back to Virginia.

His final moments on the series feel quite full circle as he reaches out to Rick via a walkie-talkie. Morgan says that he is coming to find Rick, whether he is at Alexandria or not. It is reminiscent of how Rick attempted to reach Morgan after they parted ways outside of Atlanta. We even saw Morgan return to that old Georgia house and finally face a part of his past earlier this season. Of course, fans immediately perked up at Morgan going off to find Rick. Honestly, everyone seems to be looking for that guy. Michonne is obviously going to locate Rick and poor Daryl’s mission is way off course considering he’s in Paris.

But, while both of them were there to see Rick’s “death” and many of the following events, Morgan has no clue what’s happened over the years. He left way back at the end of season eight, long before the deaths of Jesus, Tara, Enid, Rosita, and others. In fact, he doesn’t know that Rick has another son now.

Interestingly, Lennie James says that his exit as Morgan Jones is the official end for him. “For me, that’s it,” James said in a Decider interview. “It’s the end of the end really for me. I mean, if you see me again, pick up the staff and start swinging it, it’s because there was a story presented to me that I just could not say no to. But as far as I’m concerned, I’m up and out.”

morgan jones stands on a shoreline in fear the walking dead before heading back to alexandria
Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

This could be the actual truth with an ending that leaves things open to our interpretation. After all he’s been through, we are certainly thankful that his story has a satisfying ending. But it is also possible that Lennie James simply isn’t revealing a Morgan and Rick reunion. They may not come together in the Rick and Michonne series. However, a Walking Dead film isn’t necessarily impossible. Fans would love to see Rick’s story come full circle with his return to Alexandria and his children.

We know that Alexandria is a safe and thriving part of the overall Commonwealth collective. Morgan’s daughter would have a nice place to grow up alongside other kids. It would be fulfilling to bring Rick and Morgan together to end this story after they began it together over a decade ago. We will see what happens with Morgan in the future.

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