Morgan Jones Returns to Georgia and Honors Rick Grimes in FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Trailer

Yet another Walking Dead era is coming to an end. Fear the Walking Dead broke new ground as the first spinoff from The Walking Dead back in 2015. Now, eight years later, the show is saying goodbye to fans with its eighth and final season. While not every fan got into Fear, many did at least have a passing interest in Morgan Jones’ storyline. We’ve known Morgan since the very beginning of this Walking Dead saga when he saved a very scared Rick from certain death. Morgan left The Walking Dead and went to Fear the Walking Dead a long time ago, but the show’s trailer reveals that he’s returning to Georgia in the final season and honoring Rick Grimes. 

In the Fear the Walking Dead season eight trailer, Morgan repeats what Rick told him years ago when he decided to literally run away from it all. “I need you to listen to me because I want to tell you something that a friend once told me,” Morgan says. “He said you can hide, but you can’t run. He wanted me to know that hurt will follow you. It follows you wherever you go. He was right.”

And it seems that Rick’s influence is looming over him, as he makes the shocking decision to go back to King’s County, Georgia. He returns to the house where he and Duane lived together in season one of The Walking Dead. Morgan, of course, remained in Georgia for a while before departing the area in The Walking Dead season five, much like Rick’s group did. (We see his experiences via a flashback in the next season. Gotta love those Walking Dead timelines.)

Why Is Morgan Jones Going Back to Georgia in Fear the Walking Dead?

Morgan Jones Returns to Georgia and Honors Rick Grimes in FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Trailer_1

Right now, we aren’t sure why Morgan is bringing his adopted daughter Mo and Grace back to his roots. All of the people he knows left that area a long, long time ago. Maybe he believes there’s something that he needs to do there to feel complete. Perhaps he wants to bring his life full circle and build there with his new family. He finds the gun that Rick gave him in the pilot episode and Grace tells him it has a purpose. This further sparks the idea that he may try to reunite with the Alexandria crew at some point. As far as Morgan knows, Rick and the gang are still alive and well there. Or, maybe he will end up in the clutches of the CRM somehow. Just imagine him finding his way to Rick through a series of unfortunate events. Of course, it could just be a nostalgic nod for us while we wait for that Rick and Michonne spinoff series.

Either way, it is eerie to be back in that house after so, so many years. Perhaps it will all end with a way for Morgan Jones to reunite with Rick Grimes in the future. I beg of you, please let Morgan live. He deserves it.

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