FEAR STREET PART 3: 1666 Trailer Goes Back to a Bloody Beginning

The Fear Street movies have had a hold on horror fans for the last two weeks through Deena and Ziggy’s lives. The journey into Shadyside through gruesome events from 1994 and 1978 both set up an interesting mystery that revolves around Sarah Fier. Something pivotal happened back in 1666, something that can perhaps break the curse and save Sam. (She’s still possessed and thrashing around, in case you forgot.) It’s time to go even further back in time and Fear Street Part 3: 1666’s trailer gives us a glimpse into this concluding chapter.

Like previous clips, this one picks up at the end of the last movie. It shows Deena placing Sarah’s hand on her body. But, instead of just seeing all the horror of the past, her mind transports her back into the past. We see several faces that we know well, including Tommy, Josh, Kate, a young Ziggy, and more. It’s not clear what’s going on here but Deena is likely seeing their faces because its easier to process things through her own eyes.

As one might expect in 1666, a small town erupts into a wild mob because they believe a witch is in their midst! A woman with power is not a good thing. Oh, and Sarah appears to have a romantic attraction to another woman, who looks exactly like Sam, of course. Gasp! This is enough to get her into a ton of trouble. Things quickly get intense with a church full of dead people, a witch hunt, some strange magic, and a pile of eyeballs on the floor. Yikes.

photo of sam from fear street standing in a dark background netflix film deena


It’s not clear how these events will help Deena in 1994. But, perhaps she will see something in her vision that gives her the information she needs to save Sam. Ziggy a.k.a. Christine doesn’t seem too convinced so only time will tell if she actually helps Deena with her mission. Personally, I’d want to mind my business after surviving. However, that doesn’t make for exciting TV, right? It’s time to go back to the beginning to see how this will all end.

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